Working to improve the entire transport spectrum – from origin to final destination.

Our team of transportation consultants are helping companies all over the world optimize their supply chains.  We work with each of our clients to evaluate and understand their unique requirements and then work with them to refine and improve their entire transport spectrum – from origin to final destination.


Our professional logistics advice is based on our vast experience and knowledge of the transportation market.  We act as a third party negotiator for our clients, using proprietary rate and service level information we have built over our tenure as a leading 3pl company. We then use this information to identify, quantify and drive out inefficiencies in your supply chain, the costs associated with them, and improve your financial and operational controls.

Benefits to our clients include:


  • Expert, in-depth evaluation of your transportation processes.
  • Honest feedback on areas of concern.
  • A quantified and prioritized list of opportunities for improvement.
  • An expertly crafted, all encompassing, customized logistics plan.
  • Lower transportation costs.
  • Faster delivery times.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.

Our transportation consulting experience includes:


  • Transportation optimization, purchasing and execution locally and worldwide.
  • Managing logistics operations and logistics facilities, terminals and docks.
  • Design and operation of rail parks and short-line railroads.

What can Celtic do for you?