Supervision and Cargo Tally Services

Protecting your cargo and your bottom line.

Supervision and Cargo Tally Services

Celtic Marine and Logistics has provided Cargo Tally, Supervision, Surveying, and Consulting Services for cargo transfers of various bulk and break-bulk commodities for over 30 years through a qualified team of professional surveyors. Through in-depth cargo surveys and attention to detail, our team uses their knowledge and resources to work alongside the stevedores handling the cargo which allows us to act quickly and effectively.

Our on-site supervisors act for and on behalf of our customers to identify problems before they arise and prevent loss or contamination of cargo. If cargo issues do arise, customers are kept abreast with real-time communications, alerting them to situations in order to mitigate damage, prevent loss, and set up a strategic plan for moving forward.

Details of each survey and report are customized to meet each customer’s individual needs. Celtic Marine and Logistics arranges surveys to represent customers at all U.S. Gulf and inland waterway ports.

Our Cargo Supervision and Cargo Tally Services include:

  • Shipment and handling consultation
  • Cargo Inspection
  • 24/7 Supervision of cargo transfers
  • Loss prevention
  • Tally verification
  • Cleanliness inspections for suitability of loading – barges, vessels, trucks, trains, warehouses
  • Port Captain/Supercargo
  • Sampling
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Barge and Vessel draft surveys
  • Joint inspections
  • Problem resolution

Celtic Marine and Logistics was founded as an independent surveying company and has built its reputation by performing factual and ethical surveys, effectively representing some of the largest names in the industry.


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