Stevedoring Services

Stevedoring services for your unique needs.

Stevedoring Services

Celtic Marine and Logistics is well versed in the transportation and handling of all cargoes.  Our long-term commercial relationships with the highest quality stevedores in operation throughout the U.S., enable us to provide uniquely qualified stevedoring services to fit each individual customer’s cargo requirements.  Celtic Marine and Logistics arranges all aspects of stevedoring operations.  We manage the loading and discharge cargo operations for import and export ocean vessels and barges at midstream buoys and bulk terminals in all ports within U.S. Gulf, East, and West Coasts, as well as at all dock and terminal locations throughout the U.S. inland waterway system.


Why choose Celtic Stevedoring Services?


  • Celtic Marine and Logistics is client-focused.
  • We are continuously improving our services to better support our customers.
  • Our independence sets us apart and frees us up to work only in your best interests.
  • We achieve the highest productivity, shorter vessel and barge turn times, and damage-free cargo to ultimately minimize your exposure to unforeseen costs.


If you need to deliver the right product to the right place at the right time, call Celtic Marine and Logistics.


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