Project Cargo

Oversized, Over-Weight and High Value Cargo.

Project Cargo

Celtic Marine and Logistics provides project cargo services worldwide. If it’s oversize, overweight, and high value, our team has the experience and knowledge to expertly handle the complexities of your cargo across all modes of transport worldwide.

Our team will work with you and your staff to run early projections of transport costs and deliver pre-planning recommendations for how to best secure and route your project. We will then coordinate the order and manage the execution of the transportation. The result is complex projects are handled on- time and on budget, and more importantly, they arrive in the same good condition they were in at origin.

Whether it’s moving windmill blades from Asia to the Mid-West or moving giant power generation plants from Houston to the Middle East we have the experience and the team of experts to cost-effectively manage the project from end-to-end. We maximize upfront planning and communication and minimize the risk in these complex transportation moves.



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