How to choose the right logistics company. 

Aug 7, 2022 | Logistics

How to choose the right logistics company. 

Choosing the right logistics company is a vital business decision. Logistics touches every part of your business from your ability to stock your shelves, supply your manufacturing operations, and serve your customers. Choosing the right logistics partner is one of the most important business decisions you can make. So how do you choose the right logistics company?  

Industry Knowledge and Experience 

Your industry whether it involves moving bulk commodities or consumer goods has its own intricacies and hurdles when it comes to logistics. Partnering with a company well versed in those intricacies and intimately familiar with the complexities of your supply chain is vital when choosing a logistics partner. You want experts who fully understand the challenges you face, especially in today’s market of shortages and supply chain issues. A partner who can help recommend alternative methods and modes to help you overcome those challenges and works with you to help solve logistics issues before they arise. Look for a logistics company that has experience in your particular industry and offers solutions perhaps you or your current providers haven’t thought of. 


Industry knowledge and experience are great, but a great reputation in those industries is another key to a successful logistics partnership. What do their current customers say about them? Are they responsive? Do they get the job done on time? How do they handle unique challenges and situations? Ask their current clients these questions. They may even be your competition. Are they members of the leading logistics organizations, are they active in those organizations staying abreast of the latest developments and issues facing the transportation industries such as driver shortages and port delays due to COVID backlogs? What is their plan to combat these challenges? You are looking for a logistics company that can help provide solutions and has a reputation for doing so.  


If you are looking for a logistics provider, you are looking for experts who can handle all the details for you. Someone who you can reach out to for any logistics or transportation question regardless of mode and who will jump to help you. Finding a company that offers you support and a team of people who have your back no matter the question is key to streamlining your transportation challenges. Look for a company large enough to support your operations, and handle your requests, but still small enough to care, and that measures their success by your success. You are looking for a team you can work closely with, who is responsive to your requests and proactive in their approach to providing you with the latest information about your shipments. 

Global Presence 

In today’s world of global supply, online ordering, and Amazon, partnering with a company with a global presence is a must. Can your logistics company handle global supply chains and work across the globe or are they more localized? Do they have contacts around the world they can reach out to in order to help solve your issues and can they get the job done? When looking for a logistics company to help you with your global supply chain issues, you are looking for a partner who has spent decades building relationships around the world and who can call on those relationships when needed. 

Celtic Marine and Logistics has spent the past 37 years building a global presence and reputation for high-quality, friendly service. Our team of intra-modal specialists is ready to help you solve even your most complex transportation and logistics issues. Contact our team of experts today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your transportation plan, reduce costs and increase efficiency. 

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Celtic Marine and Logistics develops and delivers independent cost-effective transportation services that are uniquely designed to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. We use our vast knowledge and experience in the transportation and logistics industry to deliver a full service transportation solution.

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