River Operations Update

June 15, 2017






LaGrange Lock and Dam (dam should come up Friday), RM 80.2 will be closed Monday through Saturday, from 0600 to 1700 hrs. beginning on Thursday, 15-June-2017 to Tuesday, 12-Sept-2017. There will be a 70′ width restriction at all times. Expect 12-24 hours delay.






St. Louis-South tow size has improved– 6000hp vessels have now returned to full tows, 25 barges from St. Louis to Cairo


Rock Pinnacle Removal/Dredging Work (UMR 38-46) When the Cape Girardeau river gauge falls to 15ft, rock pinnacle removal work will begin near Thebes, IL.  Delays and tow restrictions to be expected during this work from 0700-1900, 7 days/wk. The expectation is that this work would not begin mid/late summer.


Upper Miss tow size improves – southbound boats may now fill out to 15 barges (full tows) at Dubuque-South (12 barges St.Paul-south)







Starting to catch up

– Full tows are leaving Rosedale that peel down to smaller tows northbound

– Van Buren is open, accepting barges

– We are making some progress, but expect 6-8 days of interchange delay for now at Rosedale





Baton Rouge gauge on slow fall – The Baton Rouge gauge is now on a slow fall. This is (41.0’) the 3rd highest crest that we have experienced since 2011 (record high is 47.28’ on 5/15/1927). The industry is sharing the responsibility and expense of maintaining a safety boat at Wilkerson Point (near Baton Rouge).


Flood Stages for Natchez-South to Baton Rouge – We are near or at flood stage Natchez-South to Gulf. Southbound tow sizes have been reduced for by 5-10 barges per tow, and tows will stop southbound at night in the Vicksburg-South region, expect an additional 2-3 days of transit delay at Cairo and Gulf. We don’t expect tow size improvements until late this week.




US Inland Waterways Weather Report

Daily rounds of rain and severe thunderstorms highlight the weather today.

A frontal system stretches across the Illinois/Middle Mississippi Valleys to a

low located over Northwest TX. A cold front extends southward from the

low. The low will move slowly northeastward through the weekend

dragging the cold front very slowly across the watershed. Daily rounds of

moderate to locally heavy rains are expected. Large hail, damaging winds,

and isolated tornadoes are expected today over the region from Greenville

to Keokuk…tomorrow over the region from Hannibal to Dubuque…and

Saturday over the region from St Louis to Dubuque.

 Another cold front will move slowly through the watershed beginning

Tuesday with light to moderate rain currently predicted.

7 day predicted rainfall:

¾-2 ½” of rain is forecasted for the region north of Memphis.

1” or less of rain is forecasted for the region south of Memphis.

The Climate Prediction Center currently expects (6/20-6/28):

Near normal precipitation over the entire region

Below normal to normal temperatures over the watershed from 6/20-6/24

Above normal to normal temperatures over the watershed from 6/25-6/28

Bill Frederick, USACE

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